Today is your day.

Twelve years and 22 minutes ago, the celebration of you began.

Today you are not my hobbit.  Today is too important to call you anything other than my child.

In the late afternoon hours of this day, you took your first breath.  You were oh, so difficult to birth.  In many ways, my most difficult.

I remember so clearly the feeling that my body would break in two as you passed from my womb.  I wonder, sometimes, if my heart will break in two as I watch your life unfold.

You have never walked an easy path.  But it is your path.  It is rocky and difficult.  It is breathtakingly beautiful.

I looked into your eyes when you first opened them, and there was depth and knowledge in your soul.  There is still empathy and wisdom beyond your years.

You continually surprise me, and I wonder if the world would continue to spin upon its axis if the beauty of your soul were not a part of it.

Your eyes sparkle with life.  They cloud with anger.  They carry mischief and sadness.

Your spirit soars.  Your heart overflows with kindness and wisdom.

I suppose that I have played a part in helping you to become who you are.  But, many times, I believe my job is to simply protect your soul, as I witness its unfolding like a beautiful flower.

Today is your day.  Today my body was the vessel for allowing your spirit to walk the earth.

You were not an easy child.  You were never compliant.  You were stubborn and difficult.  You were never to be deterred from what you wanted.  You have not changed.

Today is your day.  I celebrate you.  I celebrate your laughter.  I celebrate the way that your body is always just a few steps behind your mind.  I celebrate your silliness.

I celebrate your stubbornness.  I celebrate your determination.  I celebrate your successes and your failures.

I celebrate your strengths, and I celebrate your weaknesses.  I celebrate your courage.

Today is your day.  I celebrate your eyes that look upon the world with empathy and kindness.  Your heart that can sense pain or frustration.

I celebrate your words.  Words that flow from your heart and your lips in song and stories.

Today is your day.  I celebrate your heart full of compassion, empathy, and the silent pain that you carry.  Your tender heart that allows itself the risk of being broken.

Today, I celebrate your beautiful, elegant hands.  The hands that master every musical instrument they touch.  Hands that exude gentle caring.  Hands that wring with anxiety and tremble with fear.

Today is your day.  I celebrate the feet that have carried you every step of the path you walk.

I celebrate your kindness and your instincts.  I celebrate your warmth and your caring.  I celebrate your fears and your loneliness.

For, yes, you are sometimes lonely.  There is no one who can truly understand your experience of the world.

Sometimes, you take my hand, and allow me to walk the path beside you.  Other times, you are too tired to walk, and you allow me to carry you for just a little while.

Often, you walk alone, but you are never truly alone, sweet baby.  I am beside you, ready to catch you when you stumble.

Today is your day.  Today, I celebrate you.  I celebrate all of the things that make you so uniquely you.  I celebrate every single breath of the life you have shared with me.

Thank you for choosing me to be your mother, and for allowing me to celebrate you today and every other day of your precious life.

Happy birthday, my sweet child.


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