Mediocre Mommy’s Christmas letter…..

After a whirlwind of family Christmas gatherings, the Hubby and I finally got a chance to read the couple of Christmas letters we got today.  It seems like the Christmas letters, and even the cards, don’t come in the quantities that they used to.  It could be that people have become more mediocre…. to that, I say, good on you!  And it could be that we fell off the lists when I stopped sending them several years ago.

For a few years, Hubby kept up with sending the cards, but I finally quit ordering them one year when I found them still unaddressed in July.

I have decided to use my new favorite blog to update you all on our 2015 Christmas letter.  It’s short and sweet, so here we go….

Dear Friends and Family,

Hobbit # 1 turned 14 this December.  She is really smart.

Hobbit #2 turned 12 and started middle school.  It was a bad year for her, as she was diagnosed with a mental illness.  She is doing better.

The boy Hobbit has a tendency to be a class clown, but he is fiercely protective of all of his sisters. (He may be my favorite.)

Hobbit #5 is in first grade.  She is hilariously funny and utterly charming.  She is consistently at the top of our favorite list.

Baby Hobbit is enjoying preschool.  She is the family’s darling, and everyone’s biggest pain in the ass.

Hubby and I still like each other, and try to run away from the Hobbit’s as much as humanly possible while still pretending to be good parents.

Merry Christmas, and a wonderful 2016 to each of you.


The Mediocre Family

P.S.  I forgot Hobbit #4.  We like her too.

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