Supporting all the mommies….

An SOS came from a new mediocre mommy.  She needed help nursing her newborn babe.

She was worried about her milk supply.

Baby boy had stopped latching, and she was pumping full time.  Honestly, she was not doing a great job.

She was tired.  She was trying to mother a new baby, and she wasn’t pumping enough.  She had been making lots of milk, and now, her body was adjusting from the initial overabundance just after birth.

We got a pumping schedule established, boosted her supply a bit…. and she was off and running again.

Because she’s completely sarcastic and bitchy, like me, it was fun to have these talks in a disrespectful and crass way.  There was nothing professional at all.  Just two girlfriends talking trash and boobs and making milk.

And then, the next SOS….. how to transition from pumping to formula.  What?  I thought things were going well….

She was actually doing great, but she was thinking ahead to returning back to work, and she was ready to break up with her pump.

We talked,  and then we made a plan to slowly close down the dairy and adjust her little man to formula.

The irony did not escape me.  Do you know that I’m a Lactation Educator?  I teach moms how to nurse their babes.  I help with difficult latches, failing milk supply, oversupply, mastitis, thrush, all kinds of obstacles to successful breastfeeding relationships.

Yet, here I was, without a second thought, helping a young momma to end her nursing relationship.  Ironic?  Yes, a little.  Did I doubt for one second what I was doing or consider not helping her?  Never.

Why not?

Because I love and support mommies.  I want them to have the tools to be good mommies. I want them to feel proud of the choices they make.  I want them to have strong, powerful voices.  And I want them to do the same for other mommies.

This new mommy loves her boy so fiercely that I hesitate to call her mediocre.  She’s much more than mediocre.  She is dedicated and amazing.

She powered through almost four weeks of weaning.  Even when the sight of the pump made her want to cry and curse, she did what was most gentle for her boy and her boobs.

She texted me pictures of her swollen breasts so I could help look for plugged ducts.  She sent me pics of her bruised nipples to ask, “is this normal?”

She texted me pictures of her postpartum belly and the darkened line down the middle.  My response was to send pictures right back of my “postpartum” belly.  You know, five years and six kids postpartum, but it still counts, right?

I really loved the other pictures she would send.  The pics of her little man, curled in her arms, cuddling his mommy.  The video of him cooing and crossing his eyes after having his milk.

I got to help a mommy learn to be an even better mommy, and it has been incredible.

Her texts may be about milk and nipples, but they say to me that she loves me and trusts me.

Today was a celebratory day.  I got to tell her to pack the pump away and put it in the back of the closet.  Today, she pumped her last bottle for the little man.

She sacrificed so much of herself to give her babe exactly what he needed.  She gave up unhealthy habits to grow him inside, and she tethered herself to a machine once he entered our world.

I could not be more proud or more honored that she chose me to take this journey with her.

Thank you, amazing new mommy.  And never fear…. you will join the rest of us in being mediocre in time.  I love you!

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